Please Welcome Author, Carl Stevens

This week, I get to participate in the Rave Reviews Book Club’s “Bethany Turner Pay it forward” week. I like doing this because it lets me introduce you to wonderful authors that you might not otherwise meet.

Today I am hosting Carl Stevens, the author of Time Traveler’s Fool, They Call Me Merlin Sherlock, and other books. I hope that you will find him as interesting as I do.

* * *

Stevens’ fictive world is vibrant and lived-in, with a fully realized 
culture and a quasi-Shakespearean diction that’s vigorous and musical without  being fusty or quaint. His characters don’t mope and mourn in the ruins, but look to them for inspiration—and swag—while they seek to build their world anew.  An engrossing yarn that embeds an off-kilter perspective on history in rich language and storytelling.” Read the entire Kirkus review and travel back in time to when CTIN was first published as HEAVEN ON EARTH by clicking here,

“Even what should be a definitive ending is ambiguous; the fact
that Stevens pulls it off with such flair is a testament to his writing skills.
An enigmatic leading man in a twisted mystery that may need to be read twice—a good thing. ”
Read the entire Kirkus review of TIME TRAVELER’S FOOL by clicking here.

“A vibrant, ambitious novel about the effects of war on a small-town family.”  Read the entire Kirkus review of THE CHARGING BULL OF TERRY COUNTY by clickinghere.

All the books are in the Amazon/Kindle matchbook program so that if you buy a hard copy you get a Kindle copy at a discount. Click a link below.  If you have already enjoyed a book and want to spread the word see the Contact page of this website about the word of mouth campaign.

The Charging Bull of Terry County is on amazon
The Time Traveler’s Fool is on amazon
The Canterbury Tales in Neverland is on 
They Call Me Merlin Sherlock
is on amazon

All are now available through a bookstore or library near you. Ask your favorite local bookstore owner or librarian about them.

Autographed paperbacks are available for purchase on the Buy Stuff page at Kindle and paperback versions are available on amazon.

                                                                                                * * *

I hope that you enjoyed this glimpse of author, Carl Stevens. Please check out his work on Amazon, and on his website at

Carl Stevens Contact Info



Twitter: @carlstevenswrit


* * *

Thank you for stopping by today, and for following my blog. I hope you can join me on Wednesday and Friday, when I will be hosting Jason Zandri and Lizzie Chantree.



  1. Jan Hawke · June 26, 2015

    Currently reading Canterbury Tales in Neverland – whoever thought Early Classic English could be such a post-apocalyptic hoot! Thanks for having us over Rhani 😀


  2. Rhani D'Chae · June 24, 2015

    John, thank you so much for stopping by. ☺


  3. John W. Howell · June 24, 2015

    Great PIF post Rhani and congratulations to Carl


  4. apboustead · June 22, 2015

    Reblogged this on apboustead.


  5. apboustead · June 22, 2015

    These sound really interesting will read when I can.


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