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More Books by Rhani D’Chae!

A Perilous Thirst

A short story about a gay vampire in the early days of the AIDS epidemic.
It’s 1987, and the AIDS crisis is affecting lives from coast to coast. A gay vampire walks into the 24th Street Tavern, seeking very specific prey. 




I’ve Always Loved Women

Danny’s life is changed when he begins a relationship with Kat, a woman trapped in an unhealthy marriage. When she decides to give her marriage another try, Danny realizes that his mission in life is to save women like her from the men who abuse them.




One Dyke Cozy

People come into our lives for a day, a season, or a reason…
“Shy taught me to fight like a champion, love like a poet, & live like it was my last day on earth.”
One Dyke Cozy touches on the lives of two girls, Gabby and Shy, from their first meeting as children to Shy’s untimely death.
This novel contains profanity and adult situations.