A fantastic short read!

Do you like a book that crosses the line into the dark side of human nature? One that unashamedly shows just how far people can sink into depravity, given the right circumstances.

Memoir of a Mad Woman is that kind of book. I picked it up, read the first couple of pages, and was unable to put it down. The story is dark, occasionly tragic, and shamelessly twisted.

I hope my review encourages you to download your own copy of Memoir of a Mad Woman.

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I loved this story! The main character, Emma, comes from a harsh background and definitely has some issues, but is blissfully unaware of them.

Emma sees herself as a victim, which in some ways she is, but she also feels she is the isolated target of a conspiracy. Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t. That’s up to the reader to decide.

I would have loved this story as a full-length novel. Given Emma’s kind of paranoid crazy, I’m sure she would have left a few more bodies in her wake over the years, had she been more cautious in the beginning.

The only problem I had with this story was being asked to believe that a woman could spend the first fifty years of her life in Institutional settings , surrounded by adults, and never learn the facts about how the female body works. This was a little hard for me to believe, but the story was more than good enough to overcome it.

This book is not for the young, squeamish or easily offended reader, but I highly recommend it for everyone else. It takes us behind the scenes of crazy- in-the-making and gives us a front row seat when the blood hits the walls.

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Vashti Quiroz-Vega

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My review of a great collection of short stories.

I love reading books by talented Indie authors! And when I find a book or author who really grabs me, I like to spread the word.

So today, I’m sharing my review of Strange Hwy: Short Stories, from author, Beem Weeks.

I hope you enjoy my review.

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Strange Hwy is a collection of short stories from one of my favorite Indie authors. Covering a variety of topics and situations, each story has a unique voice that draws the reader in.
Beem Weeks is a master of description, allowing us to fully experience the visual aspects of the worlds that he creates.
From a schizophrenic kangaroo to a mother having a poignant, one-sided conversation with her daughter to a secret shared between like-minded souls, each segment comes to us from a gifted storyteller who knows his way around the written word.
This is a book worth reading.

Strange Hwy: Short Stories

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I hope you will take at closer look at this book and others by Beem Weeks.

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The Indie Spot

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