Comes this Time to Float, Stephen Geez Tour Day 12 “Sidekick”



Delighted, I am, to catch you here at Day 12 of my extended blog tour! I am humbled by the kindness of my wondrous host for sharing some blog space today. I hope to interest you bookish types in trying my first book in way too many years, this my only collection of short fiction: Comes this Time to Float: 19 Short Stories by Stephen Geez. You could add another “by Stephen Geez” to that, as I put the moniker in the subtitle, too. I’d be forcing it to find a theme, except maybe that all my stories try to look at something I think is important, but told in a decorative sort of way. Written here and there among novels over two decades, they show a variety of genres and styles, as I get restless. Now they’re tucked between jacketed hard covers and softs, or in e-however-you-likes.


The Enticement

Each tour stop will offer the opening paragraphs of a story from the book, then link to the full story online.  A few will also link to audio-shorts narrated by me. An RRBC-specific promo video will be foisted on you every day. Using a narrator didn’t seem right for my own trailer, so yeah, it’s me. Be sure to post reviews in your favorite places, most helpfully if Amazon. RRBC members, be sure to report the Amazon link to your Reviews Coordinator for quarterly credit.

And you, I thank, too.

A Geez Author Blurb

Stephen Geez grew up in the Detroit suburbs during the American-auto domination. He earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor. He retired from scripting/producing television and composing/producing television music, then expanded his small literary management firm into indie-publisher and multi-media company Fresh Ink Group. Now he works from a deck overlooking the lake in north Alabama, helping other writers share their compelling narratives with the world.

The Book Blurb

Prepare to think as you explore these wildly disparate literary short stories by author, composer, and producer Stephen Geez. Avoiding any single genre, this collection showcases Geez’s storytelling from southern gothic to contemporary drama to coming-of-age, humor, sci-fi, and fantasy—all finessed to say something about who we are and what we seek. Some of these have been passed around enough to need a shot of penicillin, others so virgin they have never known the seductive gaze of a reader’s eyes. So when life’s currents get to pulling too hard, don’t fight it, just open the book and discover nineteen new ways of going with the flow, because NOW more than ever Comes this Time to Float.


The Promo Video

Today’s Sample: “Sidekick”

I just figured out something all superheroes should know about our sidekicks.


I happened upon my own sidekick long before I grew up and stepped into the role of hero, way back when I was just a regular suburban kid with no inkling of my destiny as the savior of countless lives. Never a fan of those other heroes who star in their own comic books, I had no idea what a sidekick is supposed to do, let alone how much I would even need one.


And now, after decades working with my own sidekick for the common good, something has gone horribly wrong, and the blood is coming too fast, the injuries too severe, time too short. It’s breaking my heart that our era as superhero and sidekick is about to end.


I was nine or ten years old when the world’s most unlikely wannabe sidekick and his single-parent mom moved to our town. They set up housekeeping in that leaky rat’s nest of an old farmhouse down the dirt road where overgrown fields pushed feebly against encroaching scrub. Two years younger than I, skinny and smallish for his age, he tried to look passable in tattered second-hand clothes usually sized too big or too small. Ever the bully magnet, he liked to pedal around on his chain-throwing rattletrap bicycle, a mismatch of old parts he’d scavenged. Since I was the only boy who didn’t taunt him or push him down, he got to where he’d follow me about, hoping to join in while I hung out with others, but mostly content to hover at the periphery. He knew his place, but never acted resentful, instead appearing grateful for the tolerated proximity. No matter how much I ignored him, though, he often seemed to be watching me intently, studying me, as if appraising something only he could see.


Catching me alone with nowhere particular to go one day, he said he had a secret to tell me. He looked around as if worried someone might approach with bad intent. “Not here,” he whispered.


Now, as piqued as preteen boys are about mysteries, they’re just as skeptical of other boys’ promises of intrigue, except that he looked so serious my curiosity won out. “Just tell me,” I insisted, but he wiped his nose on his sleeve, then simply looked me straight in the eyes and waited, for once not looking so jumpy and scared.



The Whole Story

Be sure to come back here!


The Audio-short


Find the Book Now

Should be just about everywhere, but here are the biggies:


Other Places I Lurk

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  2. Mark Schultz · March 16

    Thanks for hosting Stephen, the excerpt was very cute.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stephen Geez · March 14

    Thanks for hosting today, Rhani, and to y’all gadabouts for stopping by!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. peggyhattendorfcom · March 13

    Stephen, I like the title of your short story collection and it sounds like a fun read.

    Thanks for hosting Rhani.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jan Sikes · March 13

    I loved the description of the old farmhouse, Stephen! I could see it clearly! Thanks for hosting today, Rhani, and best wishes, Stephen!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rhani D'Chae · March 13

      Hi, Jan, thanks for visiting Stephen’s stop.
      I agree about the farm house. I am looking forward to reading this book!
      I hope Friday the 13th wasn’t too hard on you. 😄


  6. D.L. Finn, Author · March 13

    I am enjoying all your excerpts and look forward to a great read:)

    Thanks for hosting, Rhani!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rhani D'Chae · March 13

      Thanks for stopping by, Denise. I picked up a copy of this book a couple of days ago and can’t wait to read it!
      I hope you have a fantastic weekend. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  7. beemweeks · March 13

    Hi, Stephen. Glad to see you making the rounds. Best wishes with the new short story collection.

    Thanks for hosting, Rhani!

    Liked by 1 person

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