John and I went to the movies

This past weekend was time for my friend John to make his monthly visit up to Tacoma. We both love movies and spent a great deal of time at our local Regal.

We saw a total of 7 films, and I thought I would share our opinions with you.

* * *

The first movie we saw was Truth or Dare, which starred a talented young cast that I’ve never heard of before. Lol The three main roles went to Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, and Violet Beane. The film was very reminiscent of the Final Destination franchise.

A group of kids played a game of Truth or Dare, not knowing that there was an ancient demon involved. They had to continue the game in the order that they originally played.

There are some twists in the film, and some revelations that are rather surprising. All in all, it got 5 stars from both of us.

* * *

A Quiet Place was a different kind of concept, and a pretty good film. And not a lot of action, and only a couple of times when the giant bugs interacted with the human cast. It was a bit slow on more than one occasion, so from us, it gets 4 stars.

* * *

The third movie we saw was Pacific Rim Uprising. It was a good movie, with lots of action, but John had a hard time following everything that was going on. I have to say that casting Jon Boyega in the lead was a good choice.

I gave this movie 4 stars, and John gave it 3 stars.

* * *

The last movie that we saw on Friday was Acrimony, which was an incredible look at a woman’s descent into Crazyville. Everything that I knew about the movie before we went told me that she was a woman who was burdened by a lying, cheating husband. And I’m not saying that the man was perfect, but it was interesting to see him through her wildly distorted viewpoint. Taraji P Henson was absolutely phenomenal as Melinda, and Lyriq Bent was equally amazing as her husband, Robert.

This film was an easy 5 stars from both of us, and I highly recommend it.

* * *

We started Saturday with Chappaquiddick. It was interesting, but it didn’t do much to really hold my attention. I’m not saying it wasn’t good, because it was, but it just seemed very dry and slow. Jason Clarke was excellent as Ted Kennedy, but I just felt there was something missing. I may have to see it again.

Chappaquiddick gets 3 stars from me and 4 from John.

* * *

Or second movie on Saturday was Ready, Player One. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but wow, what a thrill ride it was! A great ensemble cast came together to make this probably my favorite film of the weekend. If you have the time, you should absolutely go see it. This is one you just don’t want to miss. 5 stars from me, and 4 from John, because he got lost and couldn’t find his way back. 😃

* * *

The last film we saw was Rampage, and I was hesitant about going. I never played the video game, and had never even heard of it until this movie was made. I just didn’t know what to expect.

I needn’t have worried because this movie is fantastic! Dwayne Johnson heads a phenomenal cast which includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan and a few minutes with Joe Manganiello. And, of course, George. There was a lot of humor between Dwayne Johnson’s character and George. Yes, there were some sad moments, but overall it was a great film and was probably my second favorite of the weekend. John and I both give it 5 stars.

* * *

I hope you enjoyed these movie reviews. I can honestly say there were no bad ones, but some were definitely better than others.

I plan to be back on Wednesday with another great recipe, so I hope you will join me then. In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday. 😃

* * *


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  1. Hyper-Speller · April 15, 2018

    Thank you, Rhani, for the reviews! I enjoyed both of your reactions and comments.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rhani D'Chae · April 15, 2018

      Hi Mark, thanks so much for stopping by. I’m glad you liked the reviews. We sure had a good time watching the movies. 😀
      I’m sick today, but as soon as I’m feeling better I’m going to swing by your blog and check out what’s going on now.


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