Drillbooks: Behind The Scenes – Snowbunny

I’ve had several people ask me about the character of Snowbunny. Is she real, where did she get her name, the basics.

I did actually work with a girl who wore a white rabbit fur coat on stage and went by the name of Snowbunny, which I did think was a fun name. But that’s where reality ends and fiction begins.

The girl I worked with was a top-of-the-line hustler. She was all about the money and didn’t miss a trick, pun intended.

Rudy’s Snowbunny, on the other hand, really has no business working in a shimmy shack. Her sweet personality is yet unjaded, which makes her unique in the club business and a hit with the customers. But because of her naivete, she is unprepared for the backstabbing and deceit that is par for the course among the girls that she works with.

Snowbunny truly believes that the Toybox is just a temporary stop for her and that her Prince Charming is on his way to sweep her off her feet and into a much better life. Her friendship with Tawnee gives her insight into a world she didn’t know existed and doesn’t remotely understand.

I’m not sure what lies ahead for Bun. I like her, although she does bore me a bit. However, Rudy seems to be a bit sweet on her, and that might be an interesting thing to explore. I don’t think the two of them have a snowball’s chance at any kind of a long-term relationship, but it would be fun to see where it did go.

If you’ve read Shadow of the Drill, I’d love to hear your Snowbunny-related thoughts. Should I keep her? Should she find a job more suited to her? And what about a Rudy/Bun love connection?

I’m so glad you stopped by my blog to read today’s post. Please join me on Wednesday, when I will have another fantastic recipe to share with you.

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