Watch RWISA Write: Marlena Smith

It’s Tuesday, and another great day in the Watch RWISA Write Showcase. What a great way to spotlight the fantastic authors of RWISA, and give you the chance to sample their work. If you like what you read, please visit the author’s RWISA Author page to see more of their writing and learn a little more about them. 

 My guest today is author, Marlena Smith, a wonderful poet and the person who keeps Rave Reviews Book Club running smoothly. It’s such a pleasure to host her today, and I know you’ll enjoy this sample of her writing.



Will it ever be enough?

Will I ever be complete?

These questions haunt me;

They scream out defeat.


A mind vacant of answers;

A soul lost in time;

A heart full of sadness;

And eyes that just won’t shine.


A whisper full of sorrow;

A smile full of regret;

A life less than ordinary;

One I wish to forget.

 *  *  *

 Life is too precious to not make the most of every day.

Cherish memories.

Strive to make more.

Make every moment count.

Tell others you love them.

Forgive quickly.

Laugh often.

Pray every day.

Have a thankful heart.

 *  *  *

Author Bio:

 Marlena Smith is a true Southern Belle at heart. Her home has always been in Alabama and she couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Growing up as a preacher’s daughter, faith and family played a large part in her life.

 Her earliest memory of writing was that of 2nd grade when she was selected to attend the Young Author’s Conference in her home state. Little did she know then that her future was being mapped out.

 Marlena now wears many hats, including:  writer, author, blogger, freelancer, reader, reviewer, researcher, paranormal enthusiast, traveler, and Secretary of Rave Reviews Book Club. Writing, though, has and always will be her main passion in life.

 Marlena has several works in progress, including an upcoming short romance, titled THE POWER OF LOVE. This debut book is expected to be out in 2017. In addition to her debut, she has a romance novel, a cookbook and a horror screenplay on her to do list.


Follow Marlena online:

 Twitter – @_MarlenaSmith_

Facebook – @AuthorMarlenaSmith

Instagram – @MarlenaLafaye930

* * * 

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* * *

I’m so glad you were able to stop by today, and I hope you’re enjoying the Watch RWISA Write Spotlight Tour. if you have a few spare minutes tomorrow, please join me as I host another phenomenal author.


 Contact Information

Twitter: @rhanidchae


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  1. John W. Howell · August 15, 2017

    Lovely poem, Marlena. Thanks for hosting Rhani

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rhani D'Chae · August 15, 2017

      Thanks for visiting today, John. Your support is phenomenal!


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