Please welcome #RRBC Spotlight Author for August ~ Carol Marrs Phipps!

Jan Hawke INKorporated

Today, it’s my very great pleasure to be hosting Carol Marrs Phipps on the last day of her Spotlight Tour! Read on and enjoy!

Teeuh, the Winged Fairy, Hatches

Nasteuh was Spitemorta’s Damned Baby who was so evil that the Fairy sisters, Celeste, Alvita and Nacea were unable to save her by any other means than to turn her over to the great oak tree Longbark to unmake her. Once Longbark had removed her threat to the world by unmaking her, she created the Fairy Teeuh from her parts

Celeste, the elder fairy, scooped up the small, evil child that had just broken Rodon, the rat fairy’s leg and set his tail afire, and set out for Longbark. Alvita and Nacea were already there with two great baskets of silk. Before long, Nasteuh, who had been dubbed the Damned Baby by all her knew of her, was hanging from one of…

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  1. Jan Hawke · August 13

    Thanks so much for the re-blog, Rhani! 😀


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