The Poetry of GE Shaw

Today I would like to share with you the poetry of my new friend, G E Shaw. I must admit that I am not a fan of most modern poetry, but there are times when a poet’s work catches my attention and draws me in. This is one of those times.

* * *

These particular poems come from the most recent book scheduled out later this fall (Poetry of the Soul, Prophecy)

G E Shaw

A Father’s Love

When I rest my eyes,

The fear of time,

Appears frozen in place,

And there are moments that passed by,

Like movie reels of the past,

The present and the future

That encompasses everything you are to me…


Years pass, months grow longer,

Days fade away,

But memories sustain the substance of time…


Tear drops of emotions,

Echoes loudly,

As it slices through my pain,

Nevertheless the presence of your love,

Remains translucent…throughout infinity…


A love that strengthens, for decades,

As it passes through the lineage,

Of our ancestral heritage;

For there is no greater power,

Than the gift,

I give to you, of a “Father’s Love”…


Age of Awareness

The “Age of Awareness”,

Comes too soon

For many, it represents the barriers

To a never-ending hell—

The deepest of containments

Which lacks the understanding

The maturity,

The rapid growth—


It is a disease environment

That houses no shelter lives

The innocence is not protected—

The “Age of Awareness”

Comes to soon for many

They aged too quickly

Society has created this oral history—

This trepidation that causes a reciprocal effect

For all generations

Entrenched within the depths

Of our seedlings

The “Age of Awareness”

Comes to soon

            For many of us—


From Book Three (Poetry of the Soul, Unveiled)

These short stories, represent times, and emotions that occurred during a segment of my life when I was seeking understanding or rejoicing for that moment.

If you can vividly imagine yourself sitting and chatting with a friend, family member or just sitting back contemplating with yourself on something that just occurred in your life, then these short poetic minuets has serve its purpose.

A Young Boy’s Faith


Hey! The other day, I read an article  

About a young boy

How old, I truly cannot say

Although, he was astonishing and enlightening to me

A person so young  

So aware of his spiritual world

The world that surrounds him  

His words, eloquently spoken

Chime with joy  

Yet, it resonated with sadness

I felt it all, you know, within that same split second—

As I read this article  

The other day  

It spoke highly of this person  

Who arouse me  

If you can understand, the deepness

The depths of where this article took me

With his soft-spoken words  

The warmness of his voice  

The words, they just lifted from the page

That captivated me—


As I waited for the next syllable  

Anticipating what he might say  

I dare not remove these eyes  

In fear—something might escape my sight

Then gradually, as the article open itself to me

The source of this boy’s unhappiness  

Snatched me, and it revealed itself to me

It was a lost sister

His sister, who had yet to reach the age of five,

She had passed away

Um, she had died unexpectedly, taken from this universe—

“Captivation Held on to Me”


Why, you might ask, was I captivated by this?

This article, I was reading

It is how, he spoke with reverence

Of a sister—who past

That astonished my whole being

(You See!)

He was buying a gift  

To comfort her loneliness…

Therefore, there would be no loneliness

She would not endure the solitude  

That would be that passenger

She would long dread

On her endless travel—


He wanted her evolution  

Of those last spiritual moments

Here on this earth  

To be a blissful one

A peaceful transition                                                      Through her transformation                                                     To heaven’s realm—                                                               For he just knew God’s kingdom awaits her arrival            With open arms

Man! Greg that is very deep                                                        The translation of this article                                                    You just read—

 What a powerful thing

To know her soul

Is purified—By God

With the protection of his angels

Her escorts

Accompanying her to the halls of heaven–

Yes, as I stood there in amazement

After reading that article

How he motivated me, a young boy

With his perception of death  

And his strength of faith—


The only answer,                                                                                                                                       I had, was that there must be a “God”                                                                                                How else can you explain a young boy’s echoing declaration of devotion                                For the love of a sister  

Who went way before her time—

From Book Two (Poetry of the Soul, Revelations)

‘Poetry of the Soul’ (Revelations) represents the second stage of my evolution of personal and spiritual growth. Along with my personal and spiritual growth, revelations look further into what makes us human. It centers on the real meaning of our existence from this writer’s viewpoint. Poetry of the Soul (Revelations) looks at women as a centerpiece or foundational soul of the universe. It is a self-reflection of life, society, and family. These selections make up the very fabric of our existence. It truly engages the perception of family, dreams, and the purity of life itself.

Revelations is the ability to look deeply into one’s soul and understand the true purpose of the human spirit. To forge ahead for the betterment of one’s self through resolve, fortitude, and vision of our own faults. My hope is that in reading these selections each individual will found their own personal and spiritual growth. The intent of this book is to incite interaction and personal growth. To allowed us to dig deep, and reveal our own personal demons and rid them through personal reflections and cleansing of the soul.


Shadow walkers  

Invisible Icons  


Imaginary replicas   

Distinguish by the light  

But, cloak by the darkness  

Mirror reflections of oneself  

No cultural identification to speak of   

For they represent, the rainbow coalition  

            Of humanity, without judgment  

                        Or persecution—  

From the Original  Book (Poetry of the Soul)


AGE (Transformation)



It represents the continuance of time within the universe-  


      The continuance within time itself-  

Like the dimensions of time and space –  

Age is ever evolving to higher plains of existence-  


 For us simple mortals, age represents simplicity-  

The simplicity of an embryo-  

That comes with the transformation into puberty-

Through which we transition-

Like a rite of passage into adolescence-  

For through adolescence, exploration within us begins—   


And within this exploration-  

Our transformation into adulthood begins-  

Throughout these stages,  

We age ever so amiably,   

“I hope”  

               But none-the-less we do age—  


Sanity becomes insanity,  

       For age signals our time   

Our historic dialogue   

That lay within that moment-  

Like an hour glass in time-  

               WE AGE!  



* * *


Thank you for stopping by today, and I hope that you enjoyed the poetry of G E Shaw. His work is available from Lulu at

 I hope you’re having a festive Labor Day weekend, and I hope to be back on Wednesday.


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