Juliette & Ryo by Peter Philipp

    The other day, I received a request to read and review a short children’s storybook entitled Juliette & Ryo, written by Peter Philipp. I found it to be a cute little tale about a brother and sister who have an adventure in dreamland, and I wrote a review, posting it on Amazon. But since the genre of children’s books is one that I’ve never dabbled in, I thought that I would ask him where this story came from. His response is below, followed by my review and the links to purchase his book. If you have small children in your life, I encourage you to purchase Juliette & Ryo. They’ll love the story, and you’ll be supporting an indie author who is helping tomorrow’s readers discover the joy of books.

* * *

   I wrote Juliette & Ryo for a very personal reason– they are my godchildren!  In real life, they are younger than in the story.  Juliette is 3 and Ryo is almost 2.  Their parents have been good friends and lived close by in San Francisco until a change in jobs lead them to move to Pasadena.  We go down to visit them at least twice a year, but I wanted to do something special for my godchildren.  

   Then I hit on the idea of writing a children’s book featuring them in the story!  My goal is to show how siblings grow and support one another by modeling good behavior.  I also want to encourage a sense of adventure and exploration.  Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are a great thing to introduce to children at a young age.  Having no kids of my own make Juliette and Ryo very special to me.  My hope is to publish a new story annually for them and share it with a growing group of friends.

   Thank you Rhani for giving me this opportunity to tell my story.  I believe we can learn from every person we meet along the way.  We just have to be willing to take the time and listen.

* * *

 I don’t know what age this book is intended for, but I read it as though I was reading to my son when he was very young. The story is short, which makes it perfect for bedtime, and moves along well. There is adventure, which will appeal to boys, and fairies for he girls. Juliette is a strong female figure, and shows good leadership skills. My only complaint with this book, and the reason I didn’t give it a 5 star rating, is that the character of Ryo could have just as easily not been there. I would have liked to have seen more participation from him, more involvement in the story. I know he’s a young child, but every little boy I’ve ever known would have been more involved in the situation. Aside from that, it was a cute little story The illustrations were beautifully done, and would really bring the story to life for a child. I gavve Julliette & Ryo a 4 star rating.

 Juliette & Ryo can be purchased at  www.EssentialLibrary.com and on Amazon at http://t.co/ViRgajs36p


  1. johnfioravanti · April 19, 2015

    I liked this post Rhani – I enjoyed reading the author’s story about his godchildren!


    • Rhani D'Chae · April 20, 2015

      I did too. I’m glad he was willing to write that up for my blog.


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