Please Be A Candle

I’m going to be a bit shameless in today’s post, but I have a good reason. A very good reason. I mentioned last Sunday that two friends of mine who belong to a 501c3 non-profit  fundraising organization are going to be holding an event to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Foundation on April 25, 2015 at the Poodle Dog restaurant in lovely Fife, WA. It’s going to be a festive event, for a GREAT cause, and the kids have really put their hearts into making it the best it can be. Which is why I’m asking for your help. One candle can bring some light to a darkened room, but many candles shining as one can push that darkness back so far that it’s as if it never was. Today, I’m asking you to be a candle. Hopefully, one of many.

  Wounded Warriors is an organization that gives assistance to wounded service members and their families. Their mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors ad they do this through benefits counseling, peer mentoring, family support, and caregiver retreats, to name just a few of the ways that they help wounded servicemen and women.

   What I’m asking of you is to take a minute and write a check for $1.00 and throw it in the mail. Please feel free to send more, but I’m only asking for a buck. If even half of you do this, those dollars will add up quickly and give a nice boost to the funds raised at the show.

  Please be a candle and give your support to White Knight Derek Ryder, Debutante Lilith Thorne, and the Wounded Warrior Foundation by mailing a check for $1.00 to


PO Box 488

Tacoma, WA


    Please make the check out to ISCOTDEC, and put Wounded Warriors on the subject line. I’ll give an update in the next couple of weeks, telling you how the show went and how much money was raised. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who have given so much for us.






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