Ruth Buzzi comes through!

I had originally posted this to my Facebook page, and then decided to put it on my blog in hopes of reaching a few more people and possibly helping to raise a few more bucks.

   Let me start by saying that I belong to a 501c3 fundraising organization that raises money for many different charities through a variety of different events. These events are generally hosted by one or more elected or appointed titleholders, and the monies are raised by pretty much any means that sound fun. Later this month, two titleholders will be holding a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Foundation. If you can attend the event, please stop by and see some great entertainment while helping to raise money for this great cause. If not, please consider making a small donation to the event by sending a check or money order to:


PO Box 488

Tacoma, WA


    Please make the check or money order out to ISCOTDEC, and put Wounded Warrior Foundation on the subject line. Even a dollar or two will help. Together, we can make a difference in an injured service member’s life.


– Ruth Buzzi comes through –

    I got a GREAT surprise in the mail yesterday! I had asked Ruth Buzzi (of “Laugh-In” fame), if she would be kind enough to send an autographed picture that would be auctioned off at the White Knight/Debutante Wounded Warriors fundraiser, to be held at the Poodle Dog in Fife, WA on April 25th. She said she would be happy to do so, & would mail the picture off. This made my day because I had asked a couple of other celebrities to do the same, with no response. When the envelope arrived, I saw that she had actually sent TWO signed color photos, (One from her Laugh-In days & one more recent), and a short note saying how happy she was to help. What a class act she is! I’ve adored her for decades, & this is why. She is such a genuine, down to earth, person with a heart as big as her beloved Texas. If you live anywhere near Fife, and if you are also a fan, please come down to the Poodle Dog on the 25th, support the Wounded Warrior fundraiser, & bid on Miss Buzzi’s pictures. 

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