Readers Meet Authors and Bloggers

I reblogged this today in hopes that you might find this idea, this blog, interesting and worth your time to follow & support. I’m also hoping that one or two of you might be willing to step in as the moderators she’s looking for.

Jo Robinson

I started a Google+ community a while ago called Readers Meet Authors and Bloggers. The aim was to promote interaction between bloggers (who aren’t always authors), and readers who had other passions to promote (photography, art, cooking, knitting, animals, personal healing, funnies – you name it), but still loved to read. Probably due to my own fault – I’ve had a whacky and seriously stressful couple of years – I’ve neglected it, and community moderators have lost interest and stopped going there. My fault, but still a viable community.

These days it’s become pretty much an “Oy Buy My Book” spammy kind of place. I still believe that it has potential though, and with three thousand, five hundred odd members, I think that it has the potential to be a good place to market as well as interact with other writers in the future. Rules need to be put…

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