My GRL by John W. Howell

Today’s post concerns a book that I just finished reading, entitled My GRL, which is the name of a boat that plays a central role in a great story for fans of thrillers. The main character, John Cannon, has taken a leave of absence from his law firm, and I can easily see him returning in future books if that leave continues. Give My GRL a look, and pick up your copy on Amazon. 

Review of My GRL


John W. Howell

     I wasn’t able to fully fall into this book because I’m not a fan of first person, present tense. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it’s because the narration tends to be too casual for my personal tastes. I like the narrative to be a little more formal, with a distinct line between it and everything that makes up the rest of the story.    

   That being said, I did enjoy the book quite a bit. The plot is a little slow in the beginning, but it picks up and moves quite well. Strange things can happen to normal people, and My GRL is exactly that kind of story. This is a book that has most of what I like. Action, intrigue, betrayal, “good” guys gone bad, and good character development reside between the covers and pull you in to join them.  

   The main character, John Cannon, is a guy who’s easy to like. His sense of humor is just offbeat enough to appeal to me, and I liked the moments when it got a chance to break through. Despite a career as a lawyer, he’s very much an average Joe, which makes him even more fun. His quirks, his glitches, and his human frailty are what make him believable, make him real. This is a character that could easily come back in another story, and be just as well received.

   My GRL could probably use one more proofreading but aside from that, it’s an easy, fairly fast paced read and will hold you until the very last page.  


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