Meet Robin Lindzer

   One of the things I’d like to do with this blog is profile some Indie authors and maybe introduce them to a few new readers. For that reason, I asked my friend and fellow Rave Reviews Book Club member, Robin Lindzer to tell you about her newly published YA novel, One Wish. This is Robin’s first book, and I hope you’ll check it out the next time you’re visiting Amazon.

   Robin, the floor is yours.

   “The premise of the book is that a 12 year-old boy (named Josh) is given a puzzle box that hasn’t been solved in over 600 years.  When he takes it home, he solves it, and out pops a genie–one who has been stuck in the box for those 600+ years.  She appears in front of Josh and grants him one wish.

   If you were only given one wish, what would you wish for?

   Josh wishes for something unimaginable, and the adventures begin, complete with an evil Jinn named Iblis that loves to complicate the main characters’ lives.

   I got the idea for the book when one day, daydreaming. I thought if a genie were to give me one wish, what would I wish for?  That started the whole process going, and I wrote the book. 

   I’m already working on the second book, tentatively entitled, Wish Masters.  However, I’m finding that the second book might actually be the third book; I haven’t decided yet.

   I have no writing quirks, really.  I just plop down in front of my computer every morning and write.  Sometimes what comes out is pure drivel; other items that come out are like gems found deep in a rock.  It’s the writer’s  job to chip away at that rock, in order to bring out said gem–the book.

   To get in contact with me, you can find me at Facebook under Robin Lindzer

   On Twitter, I’m on as @rlindzer”

   One Wish Amazon link:


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