Two great indie books

   Thank you for reading my Sunday post. I’m actually having fun with this blog, and I’m so grateful to all of you for following.

   Today I wanted to share the Amazon reviews that I wrote for a couple of indie books that I enjoyed reading. I met both of the authors on Twitter, and am so very glad that I did.  The first book was written by Bruce A. Borders, @BruceABorders. Bruce is also a member of Rave Reviews Book Club, which is an awesome group of people who actively support and promote indie authors. The second book is from James Weathorford, @JimWeathorford1, who was one of my very first Twitter friends. Follow them both on Twitter, find their books on Amazon, and lose yourself In the worlds created by these two talented authors.



Inside Room 913

Bruce A. Borders

   This is a great suspense novel, with one of my favorite plotlines – a mysterious person who is locked away from a world that is allowed no contact. Cynthia Holt is a young girl just starting a new job at Parkview Manor, an assisted living facility. She is told that the person in room 913 is off limits, but she is curious and pokes around anyway. Rumors are everywhere, but lead to nothing and the story takes several twists and turns as Cynthia continues to dig. The book was fun, and I enjoyed it all the way to the end, which did not disappoint. Great ending twist!



The Last Soldier; Nature of the Beast

James Weatherford

   In a time yet to come, the inhabitants of an over populated world struggle to survive the shortage of food, water, and other vital necessities. Huge numbers of people are confined in brutal prison camps where inhumanity and atrocities are daily fare, and the odds of making it out alive are practically nonexistent. It’s an ugly world, but one that could possibly be our future, and that is the true horror of this story.

James Weatherford has crafted a futuristic military novel that will keep the reader riveted until the very last page. The characters are compelling, the action intense, and the story itself is a well written blend of civilization’s failure, governmental dictatorship, and the fierce determination that I believe lies, largely untapped, within the human animal. The same determination that will ensure survival of the species no matter how far down we may someday fall.




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