Thank you for readig my first post. This might be a duplicate and if so, I apologize.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read the first post on my blog. As a new blogger, I have very little clue as to what I’m doing, or how I’m supposed to be doing it. So I ask you all so please be patient with me.


My first post will introduce some of you to my favorite vampire book series, written by the amazing Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. I discovered the world of Saint-Germain in the late seventies, and immediately fell in love. This is historical fiction at its best, well blended with romance and low-key horror.

   Saint-Germain is not a stereotypical vampire. Crosses have no effect on him, and he can move freely in the daylight, though direct sunlight will cause him to weaken. Having watched the atrocities of man through countless centuries, he abhors violence and will not willingly participate in any form of it. He is wealthy, sophisticated, eloquent, and handsome; everything we long for in a vampiric lover. He is also lonely, which does not detract from his allure in the least. His intimate encounters are passionate, yet tender, and completely focused on his partner’s pleasure. 

   My first look into the series was The Palace, published in 1979.  Set in 14th century Italy, the book tells of Saint-Germain’s arrival in Florence and his friendship with Laurenzo de Medici, shortly before Laurenzo’s death and the rise of Girolamo Savonarola.

   I followed The Palace with Blood Games, the third book in the Saint-Germain series. The story takes place in Rome during the time of Nero, who becomes connected to Saint-Germain through the latter’s friendship with Titus Petronius Niger. Convicted of crimes against the state in the Year of the Four Caesars, Saint-Germain is sentenced to die in the arena.

   When last I looked, there were almost a dozen books in the series, and there may be more by now. I’ve read several, but the two I mentioned are still my favorites. Ms Yarbro has spaced her books through history and her depiction of each period is so precise that one might think she had somehow lived through those days herself. Historical figures share the page with fictional characters, and their presence adds to the impression that she is writing from memory.

   I recommend the Saint-Germain series to those who enjoy historical fiction and romance novels. Ms Yarbro is an excellent writer and these are beyond excellent books. 


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